Value Added Services

  • Dynamic pricing: Time slots for carriers to arrive at the hub are offered at different rates. Carriers need to book their slot through an online platform (slots with high demand: higher tariff, slots with low demand: lower tariff.). Transhipment of goods is guaranteed within the booked time slot.
  • Reefer maintenance and repair: Maintenance and repair service of the cooling system of reefers (failure of the cooling system is a risk for transported goods within short time).
  • Annual inspection of trucks: Inspection service/certificate provided at the hub.
  • Automatic handling of containers: Automatic handling of containers is a matter of cost and time effectiveness. Solutions for some load units are implemented. Others are still to be improved and implemented (e.g. non-crane-able semi-trailers).
  • Kitting and assembly: Separate items are put together as/into one unit. An assembly may be an end item or a component of a higher-level assembly.
  • Shunting service: The “shunting service” includes own shunting locos, drivers and other shunting workers (e.g. shunter, wagon inspector) at the terminal. The shunting service provider offers its clients shunting services between taking over the train (entering the terminal) and crane tracks (where the load units are transshipped). It includes complementary activities, such as exchange of damaged wagons, sequencing, late loading of wagons, or data exchange. Thus, the client has a central contact and the shunting efforts (e.g. coordination, resources, and workers) decrease.
  • Track & Trace: The service allows a monitoring of all outgoing load units at all times from its arrival at the terminal until its departure. The service sends messages to the customer, e.g. time of arrival, time of acceptance by customs and time of loading.



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